Taking on a new role with a global brand was a great opportunity to gain more experience with website content management. I was able to get a deeper understanding of online as a medium and methods of content distribution and engagement.

Tasks & Responsibilities


• Manage & monitor a wide range of the Sony Australia and Sony New Zealand websites

• Ensure shared global content is appropriate and relevant for local audience

• Produce digital content

• Organise & manage multiple digital marketing campaigns

• Design and manage digital assets

• Design in-house marketing materials

• Design and develop email newsletters

• Image & Video formatting

Brands within The Brand


Coming exclusively as an In-house Graphic Designer working with only one style guide at Petbarn, I had to adjust to life as a Producer managing multiple campaigns and multiple sub-brands. With a global giant that has more diversity with its audience and different products needing varying designs and contrasting tones of voice. I had to explore the nature of the company history, competition, trends, current events and issues. Research advancements & developments in the field, influencers & ambassadors of the market to ensure that content is relevant and compelling.

Sony Action Cam Campaign


A unique design project I worked on was for the first ever point of view camera by Sony. It needed to reach a niche market, mainly towards actions sports where people can shoot, record and share their experiences where traditional cameras would have been too risky to use. I had to find a way to make the product still look like a Sony product (which usually has a clean crisp look) and at the same time demonstrate the ruggedness and durability of through using lifestyle images. The digital campaign would include a 'Register your interest' Online form, a Microsite, email newsletters and web banners for third party sites.

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