This role gave me a deep understanding of seasonal marketing activities and campaigns within an in-house team. I had the chance  to work thoroughly within a brand guideline and cater for a niche market. It also taught me how to be meticulous with my work, knowing that each project will eventually be printed and published and be seen by thousands in public.

Tasks & Responsibilities


• Print ready posters, magazine ads and signage

• Design, test, build and publish email newsletters

• Images and graphics for Website and Social Media

• Packaging labels

• In-house marketing materials

• Image compositions

• Vector artworks using Adobe Illustrator

One of the difficult things with this role was prioritising multiple projects. There would be some weeks when there would be urgent jobs that are looking equally as important. The most effective way I found was to strategise, to lay out all the tasks, how many people involved, possible delays & waiting time and forecast how long my design hours would take. I made sure to make at least a visual, even at the very least scribbled on paper. I also found regular updates and simply good communication with all parties involved key to meeting deadlines.

Another challenge I had with this role was sourcing suitable pets in situation images. Finding and organising the right animals, venue, lighting and all things needed for professional photography wasn't always ideal. Finding usable and non-generic stock photos was also tough at times. So I had to utilise the power of Photoshop to make up suitable photo compositions when necessary.

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