This role rejuvenated my design juices, coming just out from operating a small business, juggling multiple tasks, I missed being able to immerse my self and just focus all my energies on the design process.

Tasks & Responsibilities


• Design, build & prepare PowerPoint presentations

• Design & create PowerPoint templates

• Customise marketing materials

• In-house marketing materials

• Image compositions

• Vector artworks using Adobe Illustrator

• Image & Video formatting


A common problem I found re-designing the presentations was to first understand what each section was all about. As a designer, I was biased to just ‘make the slide look good’. Although I was able to get good feedback, I found that it was better to have at least a quick face to face discussion as to what their objective was for their client.


Another common problem was too much content on  one slide. A one time face to face discussion for these was not enough, I needed to provide several options, and have constant feedback and iterations to find the right solution for each project.

I made sure to provide a brief style guide with each template to ensure consistency throughout the presentation.

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